Of course we have now finally moved into our new premises- after such an enormously frustrating length of time.

Our new home is a respectfully renovated original 1950-1960s house (originally a fisherman's cottage where he sold the fish he caught), on the corner of Wood St and Barker St, 50 metres from the very centre of the town, 25 metres from Flinders Hotel's Georgies Cafe.

We have carefully and exhaustively navigated all the planning requirements and the implacable objections of the directly across the road neighbours, "weekenders", not residents of the town, particularly Mark Pearson-Gills (chiropractor - check external link ) who from the day we first met in July 2017 said he was going to shut us down, and who was involved in an attempt to have us shut down by planning objections, just after we had already opened, just before Christmas 2018.

I am so grateful for the support of the vast majority of the town, and my wife and family, which is what enabled me to keep going through this enormously stressful time, both personally, and financially.

Anyway, we are enjoying our lovely old wood floors, period furniture, and bright spacious facilities and able to give much better service.

Of course with my background in gardening since childhood and the mild coastal climate I have established an ornamental garden to brighten everyone's spirits. I have a mix of both some of the exotics I love inclucing small deciduous plants to let in winter light, and natives to encourage wildlife, and also retention of significant existing vegetation.

The revolutionary "ecoraster" paving- which is 100% recycled poly ethylene, combined with local (Dromana) crushed rocks, gives us a unique - first on the mornington peninsula- permeable paving system, which enables rainfall to penetrate rather than run off and the soil to maintain contact with the air, rather than be sealed in concrete. Concrete is a massively environmentally expensive item, accounting for up to 8% of the total of man-made carbon emissions! If it was a country itself it would be number 3 (after US, China). By the way, Australia is number 13 (out of 184) in its own right, and number 5 when we count the coal and gas and minerals we export!

Medical Topic:

Influenza is the biggest new topic right now with not only fatal outbreaks in nursing homes all over Australia but also in healthy fit young adults and in young children. We supply all of the appropriate vaccines, including the 6mth to <5 yrs vaccines provided free by the Victorian Government.

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